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California Probate Resources

The California probate process is often a daunting obstacle. This post features 49 links to helpful probate resources that might make the process less daunting, such as county probate court information, probate referee information, and general probate resources.

Find all of Opelon LLP’s California Probate Resources below. This list was updated in May of 2021 and we do our best to keep our California probate resources list up-to date. Please let us know if any of the links below are outdated or if you have a link to contribute to our list at info@opelon.com

Table of Contents

50 Helpful Links to California Probate Resources

General California Probate Resources

Probate Referees

A probate referee is used to determine the value of the estate property. 


Take one of the quizzes’s below to get an idea as to whether your assets will be subject to probate or what type of estate planning may be best for you.

Southern California Probate Courts

Below is a list of southern California Courts and other helpful California probate resources. 

San Diego Probate Resources

Los Angeles Probate Resources

Riverside Probate Resources

Orange County Probate Resources

Imperial County Probate Resources

San Bernardino County Probate Resources

Kern County Probate Resources

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