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About Opelon llp

Opelon LLP was founded by Attorney Matthew Odgers and Attorney T. Owen Rassman in San Diego, California in 2021. 

Opelon LLP began  with a desire to disrupt the current law firm business model and provide affordable, client-centered, top-notch representation to individuals and families. 

Opelon LLP  assists clients in Probate, Trust Administration and Estate Planning and our sole goal is to help our clients and their families plan for and navigate the transfer of wealth and health care decisions. 

About Opelon LLP

Who We serve.

We work with individuals, families and business owners-people looking for smart solutions to protect and grow what matters most in their lives. 

What We Do.

At every stage of life, we provide trust administration, estate planning, and probate legal services for California residents. 

How We Work.

We believe in simplicity. We are experts in our trade and pride ourselves on making the complex simple. All of our systems and processes are geared toward giving our clients a more efficient (both time and money) and clear experience. This creates a better working relationship for both of us. Pretty simple, right?

Our Vision.

Our vision centers on making trust administration, estate planning, and probate accessible to all California residents.  By narrowing our practice focus,  we have developed a tailored approach to meeting the needs of our clientele with our specialized knowledge of their businesses. This focus leads to increased efficiency that translates directly into value for you, the client.

We Give Back.

Each of our attorneys and staff has achieved their high level of success in part due to the help of others. As a firm, we are determined to show our gratitude by giving back to the community that has been so generous to us. That is why we started the Protecting Those Who Protect Project where we offer free estate planning services to military personnel, veterans and first responders. 

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