Ultimate List of Celebrities Who Died Without an Estate Plan (2022)

Celebrities who died without an estate plan

Over and over, we read the stories of celebrities who died with an estate plan.

Whether it’s wills, trusts, or co-ownership agreements, you’d think that these people will have something ready when they pass away. This makes the news of celebrities dying without a will so much more shocking.

New Federal Estate Tax Exemption Amount (2022)

2022 Federal Estate Tax Exclusion Amount

In 2022 the federal estate tax exemption is $12,060,000 for an individual or $24,120,000 million for a married couple.

So how does this affect you? Put simply, this will only affect you if the total value of your estate exceeds the tax exemption amount.

California Health Care Power of Attorney (5 FACTS)

California Health Care Power of Attorney

Making health care power of attorney means designating someone as your spokesperson for your health care decisions; if you are not in a position to make communicative decisions about aspects of your health care