Understand the California Durable Power of Attorney in 2 Minutes! (2022)

A California Durable Power of Attorney is a document that authorizes your agent (a person you choose) to manage your financial affairs if you become unable (or unwilling) to manage them yourself.
California Durable Power of Attorney

What is a California Durable Power of Attorney?

A California Durable Power of Attorney is a document that authorizes your agent (a person you choose) to manage your financial affairs if you become unable (or unwilling) to manage them yourself.

This is similar to a healthcare power of attorney, however it only relates to financial decisions and does not have any control over health care decisions.

Selecting your California Durable Power of Attorney Agent

When you sign a general power of attorney, you authorize someone to manage financial matters on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so yourself.

That’s a lot of responsibility to sign over to someone. You need to pick someone who is trustworthy, someone who will act in your best interests.

But you also want to choose someone who can handle the responsibility of managing the assets you’ve accumulated during your life.

You wouldn’t ask your 20-year-old child to run your crop-dusting business, would you?

As you discuss your choice with your family, refer back to our estate planning checklist to make sure you cover all your bases and will avoid probate.

Questions to Ask when choosing a California Durable Power of Attorney Agent 

Who will best be able to handle the responsibility of being a durable power of attorney agent?
  1. Who is local?
  2. Who do you trust with your finances?
  3. Who will be caring for you physically?
  4. Who is best suited to the required tasks?
  5. Who will be alive when they are needed?
  6. Who could act as an alternate if needed?

Family Considerations when Choosing an Agent for your DPOA

Obviously, you need to appoint someone you trust. Typically, the first person you turn to is your spouse.

This is a great choice as the primary power of attorney agent in most situations, but what if your spouse can’t do it?

Most often, people choose another family member, like a child or a sibling. But before you just assign the duties to your oldest child, consider whether that child has the knowledge and experience necessary to manage your affairs.

Dealing with financial decisions is not easy. Is a graphic designer the best choice to manage a farm operation? Would you trust your nest egg to a college senior?

It’s smart to choose someone you’d trust with your checkbook to keep your assets out of the probate court.

Let’s be Practical.

In the grand scheme of things, convenience is going to play a major role in deciding who should act as your power of attorney.

On one hand, it might make your five children feel good to all be appointed together as your agent.

On the other hand, is it wise to make the child who lives in the same town as you call her older sisters who live in Century City, Cleveland, and Beijing every time she needs to make a decision?

Consider whether the better option is to appoint one child or sibling as the primary agent and appoint the others as alternates.

Difference between a Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney

By law, a power of attorney (POA) ceases to be valid when the concerned individual is incapacitated. However, in most cases, this law nullifies the purpose of having a power of attorney in place and for the same reason, the POA must be explicitly stated as “durable”.

A durable power of attorney remains in effect even after you are mentally incapable of making your own healthcare or financial decision.

We generally recommend having both a durable power of attorney for health care and a durable financial power of attorney to ensure optimal management of your health as well as your assets.

If you are not sure what you need, try taking our estate planning quiz.


Do I need an attorney to draft my California Durable Power of Attorney?

There is no requirement that you use an attorney to draft your California Durable Power of Attorney. With that being said, if your power of attorney is not drafted or executed properly, you run the risk of it not being accepted for its intended use.

Life can turn on a dime and drastic changes can occur overnight in anyone’s life. If you have a California durable power of attorney in place, potential squabbles over your financial as well as health care matters can be resolved easily.

California Power of Attorney

Make important decisions along with the California durable power of attorney agent

A California durable power of attorney gives you the incredible opportunity to make the most important financial decisions prior to incapacity. While this may sound simple, remember that without a durable POA, the court will appoint a guardian to handle all your affairs (which is a more expensive option and takes a lot of time to be executed too).

6-Steps to Cancel a California Durable Financial Power of Attorney

Canceling a California durable power of attorney is pretty straightforward. Still, it needs to be done properly with careful planning so that it cannot be disputed in the future.

The best possible outcome is that the principal, who granted the power to the attorney-in-fact to act in their name, effectively cancels it.

But if the principal does not revoke the power of attorney prior to becoming incapacitated, then revoking a power of attorney would require court proceedings.

If the principal dies, however, the POA is automatically revoked.

Here are the steps to revoke or cancel a California financial power of attorney:

  1. A written document must be drafted invalidating the current power of attorney. We recommend hiring an attorney for this process as they are well-experienced and would ensure that the revocation document is valid.

  2. According to California law, the revocation must follow the requirements shown on the original power of attorney. Check the original document to make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled.

  3. Sign the document in the presence of a notary.

  4. A copy of the signed revocation document should be sent to the agent and all the third parties involved in the original POA process.

  5. The revocation can either be delivered directly or via certified mail. Getting a return receipt would act as proof that the document reached all the parties.

  6. Certain California jurisdictions require that the revocation be sent for a local publication as an added protection to safeguard its authenticity.

If you have any questions on setting up a California Durable Power of Attorney feel free to reach out to one of our experienced California Estate Planning Attorneys. 

Matt Odgers

Matt Odgers

Attorney Matthew W. Odgers is a partner and co-founder of Opelon LLP, a firm based in San Diego, California that focuses its energy on Estate Planning, Trust Administration, and Probate

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